A nice sketch for The General's Garden

Usually, at signing events, everyone is in a hurry and a quick sketch is required.
But sometimes, I do have the free time to do a satisfying drawing in a comic book. Here, The General’s Garden, interior pages, with the protagonist, the young mischievous Chaaas.

Coming soon... a new Comic!

Here’s the results of a burst of production last weekend, of my new manga project.

The General’s garden (22)

January 15, 2011

The conclusion of The general's Garden

This concludes the General’s Garden. (In the novels, Chaaas also has an older sister, not present at the time.)

To know more about the characters, visit Chaaas’ universe.

I now have a new webcomic at http://otakuladies.wordpress.com


The General’s Garden (21)

December 21, 2010

"Get your big paws off my SON!" Chaaas' mother shouts to Plezar. She is just out of the hospital where she had been taken when she miscarried. The General reflects that the females risk their life for each child...

The General’s garden (20)

December 5, 2010

Chaaas' father praises his son's generosity

Lar Chlaan praises his son’s generosity, comparing it to the emblematic Bota tree. Plezar swishes his stick, trapping the young Chaaas at the upper end. “A Bota, hmm?” he says.

The General’s Garden (19)

November 24, 2010

The delay had several causes, among them work, and trying to get more circulation to this  Webcomic.

Chaaas Manga 19

Chaaas finds to his dismay that the general’s gardener has a good grip on his staff!

It stems from a Michel Vaillant graphic novel I read in childhood. His strong friend Steve Warson was attacked by an angry (but quite older) farmer with a fork. He simply grabs the fork, and the old man tried to pull it back, without success.



Chaaas picks up Plezar's heavy stick and lunges!

Intent on avenging his hurt pride, Chaaas picks up Plezar’s heavy stick and lunges at the General’s gardener!


I tried a more dynamic layout for this page.

Plezar has accidentally clubbed Chaaas' father!

Lar Chlaan ne s’en laisse pas imposer par le jardinier du général!

Le père de Chaaas exerce le métier d’archiviste à Talmur.  Il porte son mini lien (avec l’intelligence centrale de la ville) dans sa poche.


Lar Chlaan stares back at the bigger Plezar. Chaaas’s father is an archivist.  He wears a minicomp in his breast pocket.

Chaaas is sand-sailing near his hometown.

Chaaas sur son voilier terrestre

This is a pencil drawing I made for the first Chaaas’Quest novel cover. Chaaas is older on this one.


This page displays one of the influences on my work, by Naruto’s artist Masashi Kishimoto.  Especially the first panel. (Note, I did not read the magazine Shonen Jump at that stage, but the stunned look on Plezar’s face is derived from a funny expression on Jiraiya in the first Naruto animated series.

And we finally get to know  Chaaas’ father, Lar Chlaan!